AdKDD 2021, in conjunction with KDD 2021, will be live-streamed on YouTube. All times below are in Pacific Time, spread across two days, August 14-15. Timings are subject to change.

PDFs, slides, or videos, will be released at the start of the workshop
August 14: 05:00PM - 05:10PM
Opening remarks
August 14: 05:10PM - 05:20PM
Bayesian Time Varying Coefficient Model with Applications to Marketing Mix Modeling
Edwin Ng, Zhishi Wang and Athena Dai
August 14: 05:20PM - 05:30PM
Estimating True Post-Click Conversion via Group-stratified Counterfactual Inference
Tiankai Gu, Kun Kuang, Hong Zhu, Jingjie Li, Zhenhua Dong, Wenjie Hu, Zhenguo Li, Xiuqiang He and Yue Liu
August 14: 05:30PM - 04:40PM
Multigraph Approach Towards a Scalable, Robust look-alike Audience Extension System
Ernest Kirubakaran Selvaraj, Tushar Agarwal, Nilamadhaba Mohapatra and Swapnasarit Sahu
August 14: 05:40PM - 05:50PM
Making Rewards More Rewarding: Sequential Learnable Environments for Deep Reinforcement Learning-based Sponsored Ranking
Chen Wang, Aidan Finn and Nishan Subedi
August 14: 05:50PM - 06:00PM
August 14: 06:00PM - 06:10PM
Learning a logistic model from aggregated data
Alexandre Gilotte and David Rohde
August 14: 06:10PM - 06:20PM
Handling many conversions per click in modeling delayed feedback
Ashwinkumar Badanidiyuru, Andrew Evdokimov, Vinodh Krishnan, Pan Li, Wynn Vonnegut and Jayden Wang
August 14: 06:20PM - 06:30PM
Modeling labels for conversion value prediction
Ashwinkumar Badanidiyuru and Guru Guruganesh
August 14: 06:40PM - 06:50PM
Estimating the instantaneous survival rate of digital advertising and marketing IDs: LIFESPAN by Cox-Proportional
Nilamadhaba Mohapatra, Humeil Makhija and Swapnasarit Sahu
August 14: 06:50PM - 07:00PM
August 14: 07:00PM - 07:50PM
KEYNOTE: Road to Automation Abstract: Share learnings from Google’s journey of Text Creative Automation using SOTA Machine Learning technology; challenges encountered along the way and how we ended up solving them.
Sunita Verma, Google
August 14: 07:50PM - 08:00PM
Relevance Constrained Re-ranking in Sponsored Listing Recommendations
Zhen Ge, Wei Zhou and Jesse Lute
August 14: 08:00PM - 08:00AM
Break (Begin Day 2)
Break (Begin Day 2)
August 14: 08:00PM - 08:10PM
Day 1: Closing Remarks
August 15: 08:00AM - 08:10AM
Opening Remarks
August 15: 08:10AM - 09:10AM
KEYNOTE: Bidding and Pricing in Budget and ROI Constrained Markets Abstract: In online advertising markets, setting budget and return on investment (ROI) constraints are two prevalent ways to help advertisers (i.e. buyers) utilize limited monetary resources efficiently. In this work, we provide a holistic view of ROI and budget constrained markets.
Negin Golrezaei, MIT
August 15: 09:10AM - 09:25AM
Hybrid Dual Censored Joint Learning of Reserve Prices and Bids for Upstream Auctioneers
Piyush Paliwal and Lampros Stavrogiannis
August 15: 09:25AM - 09:45AM
Learning a logistic model from aggregated data
Alexandre Gilotte and David Rohde
August 15: 09:45AM - 10:00AM
August 15: 10:00AM - 11:00AM
KEYNOTE: ML Research at Criteo AI Lab: The blessings of planned serendipity - a lot of privacy... Abstract: Present the work done out of Criteo AI Lab to set the foundations for a privacy preserving world
Liva Ralaivola, Criteo
August 15: 11:00AM - 12:00PM
Criteo Privacy Preserving ML Competition
August 15: 12:00PM - 12:10PM
Closing Remarks, Best Paper Awards