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AdKDD 2021, in conjunction with KDD 2021, will be live-streamed on YouTube. All times below are in Pacific Time, spread across two days, August 14-15. Timings are subject to change.

PDFs, slides, or videos, will be released at the start of the workshop
10:00AM -10:50AM
Keynote Talk : The Landscape of Auto-Bidding Auctions
Santiago R. Balseiro
10:50 AM - 11:05 AM
Learning to bid with Auction Gym
Olivier Jeunen, Sean Murphy and Ben Allison from Amazon
11:05AM - 11:55AM
Keynote Talk - Beyond prediction: Explaining consumer behavior in digital environments.
Ewa Maslowska
12:00PM - 1:00PM
1:00PM -1:15PM
B2B Advertising: Joint Dynamic Scoring of Account and Users
Atanu R. Sinha, Gautam Choudhary, Mansi Agarwal, Shivansh Bindal, Abhishek Pande and Camille Girabawe from Adobe
1:15PM - 2:05 PM
Keynote Talk: Learnings from Marketplace Optimizations at Pinterest
Jin Lai & Akansha Baid
2:05PM - 2:30PM
Invited Talk from LinkedIn Ads: A scientific approach towards data-driven marketplace businesses
Min Liu
2:30PM -2:45PM
Learning Similarity Preserving Binary Codes for Recommender Systems
Yang Shi and Young Joo Chung from Rakuten
2:45PM -3:00PM
Multimodal Transformers for detecting bad quality ads in You Tube
Myra Nam, Vijaya Teja Rayavarapu, Bharath Bhat, Vikas Bahirwani and Shobha Diwakar from YouTube
3:00PM -3:30PM
Coffee Break
Coffee Break
3:30PM -3:45PM
Bidding Agent Design in the LinkedIn Ad Marketplace
Yuan Gao, Kaiyu Yang, Yuanlong Chen, Min Liu and Noureddine El Karoui from LinkedIn
3:45PM - 4:10PM
Invited Talk from Snap Ads: Recent Advances at Snap Ad Ranking
Peng Yang
4:10PM - 4:25PM
Dynamic Collaborative Filtering Thompson Sampling for Cross-Domain Advertisement Recommendation
Shion Ishikawa, Young-joo Chung and Yu Hirate from Rakuten
4:25PM - 4:40PM
Show me the Money: Measuring Marketing Performance in F2P Games using Apple's App Tracking Transparency Framework
Frederick Ayala-Gómez (Bandai Namco), Ismo Horppu (Zynga), Erlin Gülbenkoğlu (Rovio), Vesa Siivola (Rovio) and Balázs Pejó (CrySys Lab)
4:40PM - 4:50PM
Closing Remarks, Best Paper & Best Reviewer Award
8:00AM - 8:05 AM
Opening Remarks
8:05AM - 8:20AM
Programmatic Optimization of Ad Pods for Maximizing Customer Revenue & Engagement
Niranjan Kumawat, Manu Vajpai and Nitish Varshney from Samsung Research
8:20AM - 8:35AM
Online Meta-Learning for Model Update Aggregation in Federated learning for CTR prediction
Xianghang Liu, Bartłomiej Twardowski and Tri Kurniawan Wijaya from Huawei London Research Center
8:35AM - 9:00AM
Invited Talk from Twitter: Leveraging Heterogeneous Embeddings for Twitter’s Ads Prediction
Jianhui Chen
9:00AM - 9:25AM
Invited Talk from Criteo. Buying inventory for display advertising: when predicting is not enough.
Benjamin Heymann
9:30AM -10:00AM
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