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Combinatorial Keyword Recommendations for Sponsored Search with Deep Reinforcement Learning


Zhipeng Li, Jianwei Wu, Lin Sun and Tao Rong


In sponsored search, keyword recommendations help advertisers to achieve much better performance within limited budget. Many works have been done to mine numerous candidate keywords from search logs or landing pages. However, the strategy to select from given candidates remains to be improved. The existing relevance-based, popularity-based and regular combinatorial strategies fail to take the internal or external competitions among keywords into consideration. In this paper, we regard keyword recommendations as a combinatorial optimization problem and solve it with a modified pointer network structure. The model is trained on an actor-critic based deep reinforcement learning framework. A pre-clustering method called Equal Size K-Means is proposed to accelerate the training and testing procedure on the framework by reducing the action space. The performance of framework is evaluated both in offline and online environments, and remarkable improvements can be observed

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