August 23, 2020
San Diego, California, USA

An average consumer today spends 8+ hours across all devices, interacting with online content almost entirely sponsored by advertisements. At projected $300B market share by 2020, online advertising and computation advertising in particular is perhaps the most visible and ubiquitous application of machine learning, and one that interacts directly with consumers. When done right ads help us enrich our lives, and creep us out when done poorly. 

Looking at the published literature over the last few years, many researchers might consider computational advertising as a mature field. Yet, quite the opposite is true. Computational advertising is constantly evolving, transforming from ads controlled by monolithic publishers and randomly rotating banner ads to highly personalized content experiences in new feeds on mobile devices and even on TV. Computational targeting systems are trained on petabytes of data amassed from thousands of hours of online user activities, with these numbers growing larger by the day. Targeted ads are far from done.

The AdKDD workshops have had a lot of interest and success in the past years. A total of thirteen workshops have been organized every year since 2007, focusing on highlighting state-of-the-art advances in computational advertising. All the workshops were well attended, often with standing room only, and very well received both by the academic community and the advertising industry.  We look forward to seeing you in San Diego to discuss the past, present, and future of computational advertising!

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